zasną ostatnie
(Nightmares will fall asleep last)

You won't even know when the action of this novel will completely absorb you ...

Ryszard Ćwirlej


Frosty February in 2017. During a snow storm, Marek Bener begins looking for a depressed victim of mobbing named Jan Stemperski. The man probably committed suicide, so the journalist intends to find his body as soon as possibe and he wants to defuse his own, still ticking bomb of problems. A few months earlier, he got a photo that ruined him mentally and now he is holding the new one.

Despite the fact that he is overwhelmed with his fear and paralyzed by his infirmity, he should try to find the truth about the fate of his missing wife. But Bener does not know whether in the face of new facts, he wants to know this truth or to dream the same nightmares again and again ...





"Here we have a new warrior for the good in Polish crime fiction. Well done Małecki!"
Katarzyna Bonda

"Małecki is an author whose  every fan of this genre should know."
Wojciech Chmielarz

"Małecki with each new book becomes a true grandmaster of Polish crime fiction."
Piotr Bratkowski, „Newsweek”

"Małecki with each new book becomes a better writer and he proves that he is a real crime fiction expert."

The story of “The Mourner” has taken over me! Robert Małecki pulls the strings of the imagination in such a way that we are into reading for good!
Sonia Bohosiewicz

The author with a great skill, word by word, created the story of ‘’The Mourner”.
I am looking forward to many more such novels written by Robert Małecki!
Anna Dereszowska

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